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Kind of... idly at the kmeme.  I'm only doing prompts that really grab me by the balls now, not everything that comes my way.  The love affair has died, and now we're on to the hatesex.  Also idly over at da_tentparty on dreamwidth.

Shit I am working on currently (meaning some ink has been spilled):

Frostbite!kink: Zevran is cold. The Warden decides to help him warm up by sharing body heat. Whether the Warden's intentions are plantonic or he's using it as a flimsy excuse to sex Zev is entirely up to you, anon.
...And yes, I did say 'he'. Not fussy on what the Warden is, just on the fact that he's male. Any takers?

Tender Fury: Long request is long...

OP!Anon just finished re-reading one of her favorite books and is obsessed by the phrase "and he took me with a tender fury." Context-wise, this scene came after a re-union between lovers who thought each other dead and/or gone forever.

I want to know what it means to be taken with a tender fury. Seriously - I love the phrase but can't quite wrap my mind around it.

No pairing preference though I confess to a passion for Zev!slash these days (Oh, Tannu and Grumpy Theron!). To be honest the scene in the book was het with a male partner who reminds me of Alistair - strong, heroric, devoted (pretty much a virgin! shh!).

Maybe multi-fills to satisfy my greedy, greedy needs?

(bats eyelashes playfully)

I'm willing to do an exchange if that would further tempt an author...
((No I'm not filling it with Alistair but I'm combining it with the following prompt))

"After I ravish you in celebration?": M!Warden (Any!)/Zevran, after the coronation. I'm surprised no one has thought of that one yet...I think.

Reverse Play: I've seen alot of Zevran topping and while that's all fine and dandy (and ultimately hot), anon wants to see a normally-submissive m!Warden do the topping for once.

Your choice of Warden and situation, but anon does have a preference for mages and fellow rogues. :)

Happy sex--the new kink.  Warden/Zevran: Antidote me, Anon! The setting is the Brecilian forest, right after sorting out the werewolf problem when the party has all of the treaties needed. They're taking a break for a day to recuperate, and Zevran and the Warden go walking in the now werewolf-free forest. The Warden gives Zevran some gloves that s/he found, remembering Zevran's mother owned similar. Warden is head over heels in love, but too timid to say so outright. Zevran is touched but can't yet communicate his feelings verbally. Sexytimes ensue, somehow romantically free from mosquitoes and ants. Please describe the setting, because half the fun of this prompt is that it's outdoors!

Anon has a slight preference for a male warden, but would be pleased with a female warden as well. No origin preference, dwarves welcome!

Shit in queue (in no particular order):

A Very Kinky Birthday: It is anon's birthday! Anon therefore desires to see sexy birthday celebrations with the Warden and Zevran. Preferred Wardens are M!Surana, M!Mahariel, M!Amell, and F!Tabris, but really, anything would be grand. Will also take another LI, if that suits other anons better, anon just adores Zevran the most.

Whose birthday doesn't matter, or the precise manner of celebration - I just want it to be hot. Embarrassing presents! Birthday spankings! Kinky sex! Go wild!

Okay so this anon would love to see some angry assassin sex! I'm thinking maybe before the final confrontation at the landsmeet Zevran and Taliesen happen to run into eachother, arguments and angry sex ensue. How does this factor into the overall storyline? Short answer: It doesn't! Anon will be your blood brother in exchange!

Zev/Warden meeting:
OP would like to see Zevran and Warden making out right on the spot when the party recruits our favorite former Crow. How and why this happens is up to anon. If anon can throw some sort of plot and reason into this pure PWP request OP would be in awe (eg they know each other for some ungodly reason, or the Warden is a healer tending to Zevs wounds and stuff happens).
Any Warden of anons choice is awesome (this OP prefers f!elf).  (yes I'm writing this as a het fill!)

Broken Warden/Tender Zev:
After suffering some form of abuse or torture – anon thinks Fort Drakon would be perfect for this, but anything will do – male Warden is rendered mute from the trauma. The group has tried magic, potions, everything, but nothing can get the Warden to talk again.

Cue Zevran, who decides to help in the only way he knows how: sexing the pants off the warden to get those vocal chords back into gear. Not necessary, but it makes more sense for Warden and Zevran to have been in a relationship (or at least on the verge of starting one) pre-trauma.

Warden has to definitely be male, and preferably an elf (they suit the fragile thing more, somehow), but anon is also fine with human or even dwarf.

Bonus points if Warden is stubbornly silent right up until release, and triple bonus points if Zevran's name is the first thing he says :D
((will be the introduction of a porntastic m!Tabris, if I ever get around to it))

A Talented Amateur:
Strapped for cash, the Warden recalls an earlier conversation with Zevran and decides to put the assassin's other skills to good use.

Warden proceeds to whore out Zevran to bored Ferelden nobles.

Priority on teh funneh. Reactions of disapproval/approval from party members encouraged, but not recquired.

And let's have dwarf!Warden of either gender/origin, 'cause Brosca and Aeducan so haven't been getting enough love here.
((Yes, I'm doing it with an f!dwarf if I get around to doing it at all))

Zevran or Anders/Warden, hair fetish:
Beheading one's enemies can be messy! Zevran or Anders helps the Warden wash and brush his/her hair after a big fight. It becomes clear the Warden is enjoying this more than one probably should, and bam! Sexytimes ensue. Can be oral with the Warden's fingers tangled in the companion's hair, or whatever else suits your fancy.

Let's give our pretty boys some love.


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