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For a crossdressing prompt on the kmeme.

It had been a truly exhausting day, unpleasantly demanding mercenary work, otherwise Fenris would've waited for nightfall to sneak back to the mansion. He had no tolerance for the curious eyes and the glares he drew from Hightown's residents, so he went up by way of the Blooming Rose. The whores had some inkling as to who he was, and at least knew that he had been some awkward thing to the Champion, so they were pleasant. They knew better than to proposition him beyond meaningless catcalls and friendly hellos. A particularly witty dirty joke might cheer him up as well.

As he topped the stairs, shoulders slouched under the weight of the day, a set of unfamiliar voices called at him from the doors, deeper voices but dripping honey. Three ladies near the door waved fans and made kissing faces. Fenris shook his head, laughed quietly-little could be more ridiculous than a whore who was deliberately overdoing it. He squared his shoulders and walked through the square a little taller, mood brightened by the overly-friendly greeting.
"Oh, Creators!" caught his attention, and Fenris' head whipped up to see Merrill just in sight of the Blooming Rose, hands over her mouth and looking quite stricken, with Aveline behind her, arms folded and fighting back a smile, Isabela half-collapsed in riotous laughter between them.
"Fancy a go, dear Captains?" the dwarf called in a clear falsetto, and Aveline's lips twitched in response. Fenris, for his part, couldn't believe his ears, and started walking towards the three ladies at the door.
"Varric?" The dwarf, perfectly clean-shaven and hair piled up into a meticulously curled bun, put a finger to his rose-red lips and winked, Fenris looked at each of them in turn, mildly astounded-Varric was easy to tell because of his hard, heavy jaw, but made the scandalous scarlet dress work anyway. "Anders." Anders nodded, was almost too tall, but had somehow managed to acquire a set of women's mage robes in his size, and had taken on a very demure and ladlylike manner for the ruse. And Hawke... Well, he was already attracted to Hawke as he was, as a man, but Aodhan dressed as a woman was positively stirring.
He was not garishly painted, but had covered the tattoo with makeup and lined his pale blue eyes in kohl, just a little too much to be proper for a lady, and Fenris thought he'd look good like that even without the rest. His auburn hair had been teased forward and out instead of being left to its own mad devices, he was perfectly clean-shaven and his lips were lined and painted only enough to emphasize how very lush they were, and the thought of those lips wrapped around his cock made Fenris shift against a sudden discomfort in his leggings. Aodhan had managed to acquire the sort of robes the Dalish and Chasind wore in Ferelden, the women's robes that were so very low cut and slit to the hip. The man was nearly too broad to be convincing, but it looked as though he had cinched his waist and that made it work, such that the width of his chest only made the stuffing look more impressive.
"Too much woman for you, sweetheart?" And Hawke had even managed to change his voice, somehow... it was too much woman, too strange. He was handsome in a way that also made him beautiful, but this was downright disorienting.
"Why are you...?"
"Some of the folks I met while I was drunk out of my mind are reasonable enough, and one of them made a ridiculous wager with me because they thought I wouldn't do it. That I wouldn't dress up as a woman, convincingly as I could, and entertain all comers, if you catch my meaning. Since I am, they're going to be paying so much per hour I'm out here and match my take in donations to Lirene and her efforts to help the refugees."
He wasn't too surprised by that explanation, a little disturbed that Aodhan was willing to be that free with his body, and Fenris quashed rising anger by reminding himself that he was the one who had walked away. But the others, that didn't make sense. Fenris looked to Varric and asked, "And you...?"
"Just here to look pretty," Anders offered.
"And for moral support. It's a good cause, and we all look damn fine in skirts." Varric cocked his hip such that the slit of his skirt exposed more leg.
"Well, this is... that is, I wish you success. I suppose I'll leave you to it, then." Fenris managed to get away before the three ladies caught up, because he didn't want to endure Isabela's teasing or Aveline's disapproval or Merril's naivete. He felt Aodhan's eyes on him as he left, and they nearly drew him back.
Once safely inside the mansion Fenris stripped off his armor, letting everything fall away carelessly, exhaustion digging into his flesh with needle-sharp claws, echoes of pain running along every mark on his body, the lyrium buzzing in his head... and the thought of Aodhan's lush lips wrapped around his cock making his flesh ache for completely different reasons.
He felt guilty for it, but only for a moment, sinking down onto the bed in the only room he really used, pushing down his leggings and taking his hardening flesh in hand. If Aodhan was so very comfortable in those robes, and was obviously unashamed, even proud of his appearance, why should Fenris be ashamed to want him like that? He preferred Aodhan as a man, no doubt about that, but the woman Aodhan was today was appealing in its own right.
Yes, he wanted little more than to march back out there and partake of Aodhan's services, to have the not-quite-a-woman back him into the corner of some secluded alley and drop to his (her) knees in front of him, to work his (her, echoing in his mind again, because Aodhan was both in this fantasy) flesh between those lush lips, working her tongue against him and swallowing around him and-Fenris almost came to the imagined sensations against his hardness, but pulled back , leaning back onto one elbow. He took a slower pace as he tangled a hand in Aodhan's hair and pulled her (him) off, using his superior strength to lift the woman and press her into the corner, working the fabric of her robe up to find she'd foregone underthings for ease of access. He'd take her there, her legs wrapped around him, his hands seeking the edge of the cinch around her (his) waist and running his fingers along it, his lips exploring as much of her (his) breast as the robes exposed, her (his) tight warmth milking Fenris to completion.
Opening his eyes, Fenris found reality wanting, the fantasy so much more enticing than sitting in the mansion alone with his leggings around his knees and his issue cooling against his own thigh. Squeezing his eyes shut again, he saw Aodhan's face flushed under the makeup after crying out her (his) release, and a little shudder, an echo of his orgasm passed through him.
And somehow, it left him even less satisfied than before-because it's fantasy, Fenris thought bitterly, and can be nothing more.
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