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Morrigan woke, stretching languorously, from a most delightful dream of her virile lover--she stopped mid-motion, muscles twitching at the interrupted stretch, and looked down--well, doing what he was doing now.

He hovered over her naked breast, grinning wolfishly, the blankets and furs of their shared nest pushed down far enough to expose the soft muscles of her lean stomach, a tantalizing curve, and she could imagine the motion he'd made, a soft and slow caress, because she'd known it in her dream. But he ignored it now, and after catching her eye descended, rolling one nipple between his lips, sucking lightly and then teasing with his tongue with that vaccuum still applied, and she couldn't hold back a satisfied sound, a little growl deep in her throat. Oh, but he was marvelous with that wicked, witty tongue.

"Do not mistake me," she said. "I am not complaining, but must you wake me in such a fashion daily? I imagine it may be," she paused for effect, quirked an eyebrow when he looked up, lips still fastened to her breast, "inconvenient, one day."

He detached, but remained close, breath wicking up the moisture left by his tongue and leaving her with a delicious chill in spite of the heat. "I'm an addict, what can I say?"


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